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Invest Profitably in Digital Art

Grail Capital exists to make it easy, profitable, and safe for investors to collect digital art – the next $1 trillion asset class.


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Stay at the Forefront of the Digital Art Renaissance

Digital Art: The Next $1 Trillion Asset Class

Tim Salikhov • March 2023

Digital art on Ethereum has grown 10X in two years and exceeded $5 billion in market value. As the main driver behind the colossal technological shift – tokenization of every asset on the planet – it may even eclipse traditional art valued at $1.7 trillion.

Digital Artists: Next Billion-Dollar Brands

Tim Salikhov • April 2023

The combined value of the top-5 art collections reached a staggering $750 million (3X↑). Over 150 artists have made over $1 million (5X↑). With this pace of innovation, we will see the first-ever billion-dollar artist brands by the end of the decade.

AI Art: Deep Dive into the $75M Category

Tim Salikhov • February 2023

AI art has come a long way. In 2022-2023, over 3,000 collectors spent $30M collecting AI art. Despite staggering growth – 5X in the last 18 months – the combined value of AI art is still less than $100 million. There is an enormous runway for growth. 


Meet Your Advisors

Jean-Michel Pailhon and Tim Salikhov are two digital art trailblazers. Jean-Michel, a former executive at Ledger and co-founder of NFT Factory Paris, has been a prominent art collector since the early 2000s. Tim, who led technology investments at American Express and Lazard, has been investing in crypto for almost a decade. Together, leveraging their vast experience in technology and art, Jean-Michel and Tim founded Grail Capital to help investment advisors navigate the next $1 trillion asset class.

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