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Digital Art
The Next $1 Trillion Asset Class

Stay at the forefront of innovation. Deepen your knowledge of digital art and introduce your clients to the fastest growing asset class.

This actionable, 1-page guide – filled with our proprietary analytics about the digital art market and the leading artists – will equip you with information you won't find in the press.

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Invest Profitably in Digital Art

Digital art will be an integral part of investment portfolios. As awareness grows, more Gen Z & Millennials will choose digital art as exposure to the culture in which they grow up.

Take a deep-dive into our latest research projects, publications, and findings.

How can we help YOU?


Deepen your knowledge of digital art with our 8-Week Digital Art course


Gain proprietary intelligence on market trends, volumes and valuations


Explore how digital art can enhance your existing investment solutions


Devise a digital art investment strategy tailored to specific needs of your clients


Design and launch a unique digital art investment product for your clients


Connect with coveted artists and private collectors for exclusive artwork access


Introduce your clients to digital art through private events and virtual tours


Curate a dynamic corporate collection that furthers your company vision


Understand tax, legal, and governance implications of collecting digital art


Meet Your Advisors

Jean-Michel Pailhon and Tim Salikhov are two digital art trailblazers. Jean-Michel, a former executive at Ledger and co-founder of NFT Factory Paris, has been a prominent art collector since the early 2000s. Tim, who led technology investments at American Express and Lazard, has been investing in crypto for almost a decade. Together, leveraging their vast experience in technology and art, Jean-Michel and Tim founded Grail Capital to help investment advisors navigate the next $1 trillion asset class.

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